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NFU Climate Leaders is a community of farmers, ranchers, educators, policy makers, journalists and concerned citizens that share common concern over the current and looming threats posed to agriculture and food security by climate change. This community hopes to spread awareness about why farmers care about climate change, what they need to know about climate change, and what they can do about climate change. Family farmers and ranchers are on the front lines of climate change, which is why NFU members adopted a special order of business at the 2016 NFU 114th Anniversary Convention calling on the organization to lead efforts to help educate family farmers, ranchers and rural communities about how to adapt to the effects of climate change on their respective operations.

On this page, you can browse resources from top organizations and institutions studying the effects and solutions to climate change, read into NFU’s take in the Climate Column and in our releases, and participate in this active and growing community by joining the NFU Climate Leaders Facebook group and signing up for the Climate Leaders mailing list to stay up-to-date on the latest climate news from NFU.

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The Climate Column

Why Farmers Should Care About Climate Change

What Farmers Can Do About Climate Change

The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) offers overviews on Conservation Practice Standards (CPSs) for climate smart conservation practices, including:

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Climate Leaders:

It's time for another climate communications prompt.

We've previously discussed how perceived distances in time and geography can impede effective climate messaging. We noted the importance of linking climate change to local, relevant impacts in order to drive positive mitigation and adaptation decisions.

A communications device called "content frames" allows us to talk with more specificity about crafting carefully tailored climate messages to folks in your communities. Content frames consist of the who, what, why and how impacted in a topic under discussion.

If we start with "Who? Farmers and rural residents in your community," how would you complete the:
Why? and
...for climate content frames in your community?

For example:

What? Jeopardized access to household goods.
Why? Local transportation infrastructure is compromised.
How? Flooding is more frequent and extreme than when area roads were designed and are rendered impassible more often.

Can you complete a content frame for a neighboring farmer?

Best regards,

Tom Driscoll
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