About the Resource Stewardship Evaluation Tool

The Resource Stewardship Evaluation Tool (RSET) is a new, free tool through National Farmers Union (NFU) and the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). It is intended to help Iowa farmers and ranchers improve their working lands conservation efforts, and consequently improve topsoil and nutrient retention, as well as safeguard Iowa’s waterways.

RSET modernizes conservation planning and helps farmers and ranchers better identify their conservation goals. After a quick RSET evaluation, participants receive easy to read results they can take to their local NRCS office to discuss which practices will best help them improve their soil health and reduce runoff. After implementing these practices, RSET can continue to evaluate how the practices are working for the participant’s operation.


 Completely free, voluntary and confidential tool available to assist farmers in their conservation planning.

Conservation targets (thresholds) are based on specific field locations.

Easy-to-read evaluations make starting the conservation conversation easy.

Evaluation results are confidential and go no further than the farmer’s hand.

If farmers choose to do so, results can be shared with landlords or farming partners to discuss the benefits of adding conservation practices.The results that come from the RSET will look like the example above. Results like these help farmers to make better decisions both environmentally and monetarily.

How to Start

If you are located in Polk, Story, Jasper, or Marion counties in Iowa, you can contact your NRCS office about completing an evaluation.

Additional counties will be added in the future.

You will meet NRCS staff to put your information into the tool.

After the evaluation is complete, you are able to work with the tool to see what different conservation practices would benefit your field most.

If desired, the next step is to go to your local NRCS office to complete conservation planning and learn about the programs available to you.