April 12, 2022

Contact: Lyndsey Medsker
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WASHINGTON During a visit to Iowa this afternoon, President Biden announced an emergency waiver allowing year-round E15 sales, intended to provide economic savings for consumers and a boost for America’s corn farmers and rural communities. Additionally, the Administration outlined new provisions including proposed regulatory pathways for the use of canola in renewable diesel.

National Farmers Union (NFU) has long advocated for the increased use of biofuels based on economic and environmental benefits. NFU supports the decision as an immediate way for the administration to provide relief at the gas pump and increase America’s energy independence, while noting use of higher-level blends of ethanol, like E30, would add additional benefits to the economy, the environment, and America’s farmers.

“It is widely accepted that ethanol provides an affordable, abundant, and renewable source of high octane, low carbon motor fuel. What hasn’t been widely discussed is the fact that more ethanol means less reliance on foreign oil. As we increase the volume of ethanol in our nation’s fuel supply, we would minimize the negative impact felt by changes in the oil markets. This is both good for our environment and for American wallets,” said NFU President Rob Larew.

“Using higher level blends of ethanol would be a straightforward solution to address the increasingly dire situation. These actions would ease the impact of importation bans and other market disruptions while providing substantial environmental benefits and financial support to America’s rural communities,” added Larew.

“Farmers need regulatory certainty to expand canola production, remove any distortions in the market for canola oil, and make additional investments in processing,” said Larew. “These announcements provide much-needed market alternatives and economic stability to America’s farming and rural communities.”


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