A Summer of Climate Change Activity in DC

September 2, 2020Blog, Climate Blog

By Jenny Hopkinson, NFU Senior Government Relations Representative It seems everyone in Washington is talking about agriculture’s role in combatting climate change. Across the government, officials are embracing the need for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving soil health – both of which are key for addressing the climate crisis. This summer, there was a … Read More

Regenerative Agriculture Unites Ranchers and Beekeepers

June 30, 2020Climate Blog

By Jeanne Janson, NFU Intern The answer to rapidly declining pollinator populations and the climate crisis may lie in an unexpected place: climate-friendly cow pastures. As climate change, disease, predators, and other factors decimate hives around the country, beekeepers are looking to pastureland managed with regenerative agricultural practices for a more sustainable future for their … Read More

To Protect Rural Communities from Floods, Climate-Resilient Dams are Needed

June 8, 2020Climate Blog

By Jeanne Janson, NFU Intern  America’s infrastructure has a climate change problem.    The Edenville Dam in central Michigan collapsed in May after heavy rain—nearly five inches in 48 hours—falling on already saturated land pushed the Tittabawasse River to record heights. The torrent poured into the surrounding area, destroying roads, homes, businesses, dams and farmland in … Read More

Soil Health Shields Oklahoma Farm from Changing Weather

April 29, 2020Blog, Climate Blog

Editor’s note: This is the first in what will be an ongoing series that highlights the work farmers and ranchers are doing to adapt their land and operations to the effects of climate change. For more information on climate change and agriculture, check out NFU’s new climate website here.  April was unseasonably cold in Central … Read More