Diagnose and Discuss: Food Safety Clinic Benefits Growers

April 14, 2021Food Safety

By Tricia Wancko, NFU Food Safety Grant Coordinator If you have a community-based farm and want to identify ways to strengthen your operation, there’s no better place to go for suggestions and solutions than other farmers— alongside some back up from educators who know your area well. Pennsylvania Farmers Union (PAFU) created a virtual space for urban growers to gather, learn, diagnose, and discuss areas for potential improvement on their farms at the Mid-Atlantic Produce Safety Clinic for Growers. The clinic … Read More

Drought Grips Western U.S.

April 8, 2021Blog

After a year riddled with pandemic-related challenges, farmers were hoping for an easy, uncomplicated growing season. Unfortunately, for many that dream seems unlikely, as much of the Western half of the country is experiencing severe to exceptional drought conditions. According to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the dry conditions can be attributed to “a weak summer … Read More

Small Business Loans Extended

April 1, 2021Blog

A day before the Small Business Administration (SBA) Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) was set to expire on March 31, President Joe Biden signed a two-month extension into law. The program, which provides forgivable loans to cover businesses’ payroll and other costs, is now open for applications through May 31, 2021. Though the term “paycheck” is used in the program name, businesses are not … Read More

Scaling Good Manufacturing Processes Education to Small-Scale Processors

March 31, 2021Food Safety

By Tricia Wancko, Food Safety Grant Coordinator Many small-scale farms and food businesses—whether they are chopping, canning, preserving, aggregating, or dehydrating value-added products—might not know where to begin when navigating the Preventive Controls Rule (PCR) of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). While many of these small processors may be exempt from parts of the rule, they still must comply with Current Good Manufacturing Processes (cGMPs). CGMPs are the foundation for … Read More

Farmers Union Encouraged by American Jobs Plan

March 31, 2021Press Releases

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  March 31, 2021 Contact: Hannah Packman, 303-819-8737  [email protected]  WASHINGTON  – President Joe Biden today unveiled a blueprint to “create millions of good jobs, rebuild our country’s infrastructure, and position the United States to out-compete China.” Known as the American Jobs Plan, the proposal outlines a $2.25 trillion investment over eight years to repair our … Read More

Biofuels Coalition Welcomes Amicus Briefs in Supreme Court RFS Case

March 31, 2021Press Releases

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  March 31, 2021 Contact: Hannah Packman, 303-819-8737  [email protected]  WASHINGTON  –  The Renewable Fuels Association, National Corn Growers Association, National Farmers Union, and American Coalition for Ethanol (collectively referred to as the “Biofuels Coalition”) thanked the states of Iowa, Nebraska, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Oregon, South Dakota, and Virginia for filing an amicus curiae brief … Read More

Why Farmers Are Worried About Bill Gates (And Other Non-Farming Land-Owners)

March 29, 2021Blog

By Hannah Packman, NFU Communications Director You’ve likely heard the buzz that Bill Gates, in addition to being one of the wealthiest men in the world, is now also the largest private owner of farmland in the United States. Over the past several years, the billionaire has amassed a portfolio of 242,000 acres of cropland across … Read More

New Initiative Will Offer Pandemic Relief to Previously Overlooked Farmers, NFU Says

March 24, 2021Press Releases

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  March 24, 2021 Contact: Hannah Packman, 303-819-8737  [email protected]  WASHINGTON  – The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) today announced the creation of the Pandemic Assistance for Producers, a new initiative to offer financial assistance to farmers and ranchers affected by pandemic-related disruptions. This endeavor will direct about $6 billion towards new outreach and support programs, … Read More

Biofuels Coalition Files Brief in Supreme Court Case

March 24, 2021Press Releases

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  March 24, 2021 Contact: Hannah Packman, 303-819-8737  [email protected]  WASHINGTON  – Today, the Renewable Fuels Association, the American Coalition for Ethanol, the National Corn Growers Association and the National Farmers Union, working together as the Biofuels Coalition, filed their response brief in the Supreme Court case HollyFrontier Cheyenne Refining, LLC, et al., v. Renewable Fuels Association, … Read More

Farm Workforce Modernization Act Creates a More Functional, Compassionate Farm Labor System

March 18, 2021Press Releases

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  March 18, 2021 Contact: Hannah Packman, 303-819-8737  [email protected]  WASHINGTON  – In an effort to improve the American agricultural labor system, the U.S. House of Representatives today voted in favor of the Farm Workforce Modernization Act. The chamber passed an earlier version of the bipartisan bill in late 2019. At the organization’s convention earlier this … Read More

Good Practices Bring Great Results for Small Farms

March 17, 2021Blog, Food Safety

By Billy Mitchell, NFU FSMA Training Coordinator “Camaraderie with the whole team.”  “Much more fun!”  “Peace of mind.”  For most farmers, those phrases may conjure up memories of early fall picnics with staff, family, and friends after the season has slowed down. But for growers Kim Butz, Nathan Vannette, and Roberto Meza, those were the phrases that came to … Read More

National Guard Troops in D.C. Receive Meals from Founding Farmers

March 16, 2021Press Releases

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  March 16, 2021 Contact: Hannah Packman, 303-819-8737  [email protected]  WASHINGTON  – To feed National Guard troops on duty in our nation’s capital, Farmers Union Enterprises (FUE) donated $50,000 to provide roughly 5,000 meals from D.C.-based restaurants Farmers Fishers Bakers and Founding Farmers, both of which are part of Farmers Restaurant Group. FUE is made … Read More

What the American Rescue Plan Means for Food and Farmers

March 15, 2021Blog

By Hannah Packman, National Farmers Union Communications Director Last week, President Joe Biden signed the American Rescue Plan, a $1.9 trillion pandemic relief package. At the organization’s convention in early March, National Farmers Union (NFU) members urged lawmakers to “enact much-needed short-term Covid-19 relief” and outlined their priorities for such an endeavor. Among other things, they recommended measures … Read More

Food and Agriculture Climate Alliance Members Testify on Opportunities to Tackle Climate Change in Senate Hearing

March 11, 2021Press Releases

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  March 11, 2021 Contact: Hannah Packman, 303-819-8737  [email protected]  WASHINGTON – Four witnesses representing the Food and Agriculture Climate Alliance’s (FACA) founding organizations and co-chairs – American Farm Bureau Federation, Environmental Defense Fund, National Council of Farmer Cooperatives and National Farmers Union – testified today in front of the U.S. Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and … Read More

Farmers Need Support to Mitigate Climate Change, Farmers Union Member Tells Senate Ag Committee

March 11, 2021Press Releases

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  March 11, 2021 Contact: Hannah Packman, 303-819-8737  [email protected]  WASHINGTON – Like nearly all American farmers and ranchers, Clay Pope has experienced more frequent and severe weather extremes in recent years as a result of climate change. But with the support of voluntary, incentive-based government programs, the Oklahoma Farmers Union member and sixth-generation rancher has made … Read More

American Rescue Plan a Step Towards a Fair, Stable Food System

March 10, 2021Press Releases

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  March 10, 2021 Contact: Hannah Packman, 303-819-8737  [email protected]  WASHINGTON – The U.S. House of Representatives today voted in favor of the American Rescue Plan, sending it to the White House for President Joe Biden’s signature. The $1.9 trillion pandemic relief package includes benefits for unemployed workers, stimulus payments up to $1,400 per person, and supplemental … Read More

Oklahoma Women’s Cooperative Gives Back

March 8, 2021Blog, Member Spotlight

By Melody Aufill, AFR/OFU Member, Oklahoma Department of Agriculture Ag in the Classroom Coordinator As I sat down to write this article, Oklahoma was in the middle of a massive weather event! An ice storm raced across the prairie bringing wide-spread devastation to trees, power lines, and structures. In Oklahoma, we talk about the weather often … Read More

Farmers Union Applauds Passage of American Rescue Plan

March 6, 2021Press Releases

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  March 6, 2021 Contact: Hannah Packman, 303-819-8737  [email protected]  WASHINGTON – After a full day and night of deliberation, the U.S. Senate today narrowly passed a $1.9 trillion pandemic relief bill. The package, known as the American Rescue Plan, will extend federal unemployment benefits, offer up to $1,400 in direct payments to individuals earning less than … Read More

Meeting Urban Growers’ Unique Produce Safety Needs

March 3, 2021Food Safety

By Billy Mitchell, NFU FSMA Training Coordinator One of the many lessons I’ve learned, or I should say re-learned, over the past year is how important titles can be. I’ve gone from searching “15-minute yoga” on YouTube to the more specific “15-minute Zoom fatigue yoga.” It may be mostly the same content, but if “Zoom” … Read More

NFU Concludes 119th Anniversary Convention 

March 2, 2021Press Releases

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  March 2, 2021 Contact: Hannah Packman, 303-819-8737  [email protected]  WASHINGTON – The National Farmers Union (NFU) 119th Anniversary Convention concluded today following the enactment of policy positions and priorities that support American farm and ranch families and strengthen rural communities. For the first time in the organization’s history, the event was held entirely online – a fact that did not … Read More

Farmers Union Honors Don Wick for Excellence in Agriculture Communications

March 1, 2021Press Releases

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  March 1, 2021 Contact: Hannah Packman, 303-819-8737  [email protected]  WASHINGTON – For his seminal coverage of farm stress and rural mental health, National Farmers Union (NFU) today awarded farm broadcaster Don Wick with its 2021 Milt Hakel Agriculture Communications Award.    Wick, who is currently the president of Red River Farm Network, has worked for a number of mega-stations over the course of … Read More

Farmers Union Kicks Off 119th Anniversary Convention

March 1, 2021Press Releases

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  March 1, 2021 Contact: Hannah Packman, 303-819-8737 [email protected]  WASHINGTON – National Farmers Union (NFU) officially convened the final portion of its 119th Anniversary Convention this morning to celebrate American farm families and to set the organization’s policy positions and priorities for the coming year. More than 500 farmers, ranchers, food advocates, industry professionals, policymakers, and reporters from across the country … Read More

ADVISORY: NFU Announces Featured Speakers for 119th Anniversary Convention

February 25, 2021Press Releases

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 25, 2021 Contact: Hannah Packman, 303-819-8737 [email protected] WASHINGTON – The final two days of National Farmers Union’s (NFU) 119th Anniversary Convention will bring together members, industry professionals, policymakers, and reporters for remarks from Congressional leadership and administration officials, award presentations, and the organization’s signature grassroots policy adoption process. Held on Monday, March 1st and Tuesday, March 2nd, … Read More

Cold Temps, Hot Food Safety Projects

February 24, 2021Blog, Food Safety

By Tricia Wancko, Food Safety Grant Coordinator Punxsutawney Phil has decreed six more weeks of what has shaped up to be a frigid winter, but there are plenty of food safety projects to catch up on while the fields are frozen and you’re keeping toasty inside your burrow. U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Food Safety Outreach Program … Read More