NFU Adult Education Programs

Education is the foundation for preparing citizens to engage in making a difference in their communities, their state, their nation and their world. In addition to our highly successful youth program, Farmers Union provides learning opportunities for adults.

NFU Farm Stress Education

Even in the best of times, farming can be an incredibly high-stress occupation. Unpredictable weather, crop disease, volatile markets, heavy workloads, and social isolation are just a handful of the challenges that farmers may face. But between persistently low prices, climate change, and trade uncertainty, times have been particularly tough in farm country – and it’s taking a toll on farmers’ mental wellbeing.

NFU Beginning Farmer Institute

NFU’s focus for this national program is to develop and encourage agriculture leaders from all backgrounds. Our new nationally focused program provides an opportunity for beginning farmers to acquire leadership and farm management skills. It concentrates on building confidence in beginning farmers and farm couples, and additionally encourages them to learn and apply leadership abilities to become actively involved in community organizations. Farmers Union employs educational sessions, business tools and professional speakers in a structured setting, yet avoids the simple "classroom" workshop feel to achieve this goal. Our training includes on-farm experiences and tours of cooperatives.

Farmers Union Fly-Ins

Legislative Fly-Ins to Washington, D.C. allow rural Americans to explain the challenges facing the nation’s heartland. We invite you to join us in this important grassroots advocacy effort.

International Outreach Opportunity

At both the state and national level, Farmers Union leaders have a rich history in working with like-minded groups overseas. In collaboration with the National Cooperative Business Association (NCBA) and the CNFA, National Farmers Union sends leaders to Africa and other locations around the world.

Energy and Climate Outreach and Education

Speakers are available to participate in panels or speak individually on topics ranging from renewable fuels, wind-generated electricity, wind energy development in communities, climate change, and policy issues related to these topics.

Women's Conference

NFU holds an annual conference aimed at providing women farmers the resources they need to enhance their knowledge of their family farm operation and learn the value of leadership in rural communities and cooperatives.