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NFU’s Fairness for Farmers campaign brings the devastating impact monopolies have had on family agriculture into the national spotlight. Launched in September 2021, the campaign calls for actions including reforming the Packers and Stockyards Act (PSA), improving price discovery, diversifying marketing opportunities and antitrust enforcement.  

Every family farmer and rancher can talk personally about how corporate consolidation has negatively impacted their family, their business, and their local community. NFU has dedicated time and resources to collect these stories across the country and ensure they are heard by those in positions to force change.

NFU has given a voice to family farmers and ranchers, and they are being heard. For the first time in decades, Congress, regulators and the Administration are paying attention and taking action.


Industry consolidation and monopolies have resulted in:

  • Excessive costs for farm inputs, including seeds and fertilizer
  • Supply chain vulnerabilities
  • Higher consumer prices
  • Limited options for meat processing
  • Increased farm equipment costs and reduced repair options
  • The devastation of rural communities

Due in part to corporate consolidation, the farmer’s share of every dollar consumers spend on food has fallen from 50 percent in 1952 to less than 16 percent today. The people doing the hard work of growing and harvesting our food see scant returns from their labors.



How Monopolies Impact Consumers

The strain felt by farmers and ranchers is directly placed on consumers, as they see higher prices and fewer options. And in some cases, like during the pandemic, empty shelves.

With less diversity across the agriculture industry, multinational corporations have too much control over pricing and offerings. This makes the food supply chain vulnerable to bottlenecks and breakdowns. With limited protection against supply chain shocks, in dire times like the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers were met with companies being unable to meet demand. Competition in the industry keeps our supply chains resilient and our food fairly priced.


How Monopolies Impact Rural Communities

Corporate monopolies are slowly erasing our rural communities. If family farms and ranches can’t stay in operation, their loss will impact everyone in that rural area. After all, family farmers and ranchers:







What Can Be Done to Advocate for Fairness for Farmers?

  1. Strengthen and enforce the Packers and Stockyards Act (PSA)
  2. Improve price discovery and transparency in agricultural markets
  3. Increase competition by creating more diverse market opportunities
  4. Reinvigorate antitrust enforcement



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