January 27, 2021

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WASHINGTON – In accordance with his campaign promise to aggressively address the climate crisis and create new jobs, President Joe Biden today issued several executive orders outlining actions the administration will take to cut greenhouse gas emissions, conserve natural resources, invest in renewable energy, advance environmental justice, and protect climate research.

A strong advocate of climate action, National Farmers Union (NFU) welcomed the effort, particularly provisions that will support climate-smart agricultural practices that sequester carbon in the soil and include farmers and other stakeholders in decision making. NFU President Rob Larew issued the following statement in support of the administration’s actions:

“Climate change is an immense, complex crisis with far-reaching consequences. To be successful in our fight against it, we must approach it immediately and from every angle possible – just as President Biden’s economy-wide climate plan intends to do. National Farmers Union is especially encouraged by the administration’s focus on climate-smart agriculture, whose capacity for mitigation and adaptation has been largely overlooked until recently.

“We are also pleased that President Biden has instructed the USDA to solicit input from farmers and other stakeholders as they develop and carry out climate programs; though lawmakers and administration officials are generally well-intentioned, they may not always recognize policies’ unintended consequences. By offering farmers a seat at the table, they can ensure that programs are feasible and beneficial for all parties involved.

“In the coming months, National Farmers Union will hold the administration to this promise and work with them to flesh out policies that provide farmers with the support they need to implement solutions and build resilience.”


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  • We can capture enough CO2 from the current carbon cycle (CCC) cycling over the heart of the US rural heartland (HH) to replace all
    1. automotive gasoline used in HH by HH citizens with E85* and
    2. all diesel fuel used to plant, harvest and deliver the HH corn crop, with Biodiesel
    while sequestering X tons of carbon deep into the soil rhizosphere, increasing our nutrient dense (vitamins, proteins & minerals) food supply and producing additional amounts of Biogas to replace some of the dirty, dangerous natural gas that imports its carbon from the carbon cycle that cycled when dinosaurs lived.
    Some of what is needed is more ambitious, bold, capable, dedicated, skilled farmers on the land, and the deployment of claims 1 – 4 of US Patent 6052941 as guided by Patent Tables 1-14 and Figures 2.1 – 2.8 in “Solar Corridor Crop System: Implementation & Impacts” (2019) 1st Edition, Elsevier Academic Press text book.
    The seminal corn yield research results consistent across a range of 7 soils in Illinois was replicated on another common prairie soil west of the Mississippi by independent 3rd party peer review research shown in Table 2, Nelson, K.A. Vol. 106(5) Agronomy Journal.
    Deichman, Kremer and Lupo reported “Over 1000 gallons of anhydrous ethanol per acre from 4 corn hybrids ….” , 2016 International Annual ASA-CSSA-SSSA Meetings. Other published references on request.
    * when (if) E85B is available we can completely replace the gasoline &
    when the E85 FlexFuel engines are tweaked to maximize the unique combustion properties of ethanol instead of gasoline we may finally realize the actual gas mileage ethanol can deliver.

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