October 1, 2020

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WASHINGTON – Four and half months after the Health and Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solutions (HEROES) Act stalled in the Senate, the U.S. House of Representatives passed an amended version of the legislation.

The $2.2 trillion stimulus package incorporates many provisions National Farmers Union (NFU) members requested during the organization’s recent legislative fly-in, including support for local and regional meat processing, the U.S. Postal Service (USPS), farm stress programs, and nutrition assistance. In a statement, NFU President Rob Larew voiced support for the legislation and urged the Senate to quickly move forward with its final passage.

“Throughout the pandemic, Congress and the USDA have worked to provide family farmers and ranchers with the help they need, for which we are extremely grateful. Just a few days ago, the Senate passed a continuing resolution that would replenish the Commodity Credit Corporation, which funds a number of farm support programs. This follows last week’s announcement that there will be a second tranche of Coronavirus Food Assistance Program payments, with important changes to cover more farmers.

“These efforts have gone a long way to keep farmers afloat amidst market uncertainty and supply chain disruptions. But the farm economy doesn’t exist in a vacuum – its strength depends on the strength of the economy at large and the wellbeing of the American people, which is why Farmers Union has pushed for another economic stimulus package. As such, we applaud the Heroes Act, particularly many of the adjustments that have been made since it was initially introduced in May. 

“One important addition is the RAMP-UP Act, which will help small- and mid-sized meat processing plants cover the cost of federal inspection. Farmers and ranchers have long experienced a severe shortage of meat processing facilities– and it has only gotten worse during the pandemic when several large plants shut down or slowed production. By expanding alternative processing options, this important provision would establish greater resilience in our meat supply chain. Additionally, the Heroes Act would bolster other critical rural infrastructure, including the U.S. Postal Service, mental health care, and covid-19 testing and tracing.

“We are similarly pleased by the inclusion of several measures that would protect food chain workers, food businesses, and food security. For one, the bill allocates $120 billion to assist the restaurant industry, which has been especially hard-hit. It also would strengthen safety standards for slaughterhouses, poultry processing plants, and agricultural workplaces, where there is a higher risk of contracting covid-19. And finally, the Heroes Act would help more Americans feed their families by expanding the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. The health of our food system, from farm to plate, is only as strong as its weakest link – we appreciate the House’s consideration for every stakeholder. 

“Though unemployment rates remain high and business closures have multiplied, most individuals and businesses have not received any relief for many months now. There is simply no more time to waste to preserve our economy and ensure the wellbeing of every American, the Senate and the White House must act quickly to come to a final agreement on a stimulus package.”


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  • I am a widow with extreme health issues. I need help. I get $800.00 a month and my rent is $540.00 plus utility bills. By the second week of the month I’m almost. Out of food. I live the best I can. I don’t drive. I’m 68 plz help the lower income people need help. People are looseing. Homes and living in the street. Children crying hungry. Get this stimulus package passed and now please. I’m begging for the children. Thank you for reading this…

    • I agree. I be had to borrow money from family and a friend to buy food. My immune defiency medicine has went from $18 to $141,. My grocery money. Can’t afford my health insurance payment this month. I ve till Nov. 15 to catch up. I m ,73 and can’t work as my left hand is crippled.

      • U shouldn’t be paying for health ins. unless it is medicares premium which is deducted from ur check. U can also apply for xtra help paying for meds with medicare. Hope this helps

    • I feel so bad for you! Our president don’t care about anyone but himself . If there is anything I can do for u plz call Bryan 209-566- 5983. Trump don’t hear u but our Heavenly Father does. God bless

      • You are a moron for thinking that Trump doesn’t care about anybody you have to remember everything goes through the House of Representatives and then it goes through the Senate to be approved Mr Trump has his hands tied shame on you for thinking your president is the problem it’s people like you that are the problem that point the finger at a businessman and not the career politicians this is just my opinion and I’m sure a lot of people would think the same way it’s a shame this country is in the shape it is because of people like you

      • God Bless You Bryan for Caring ❤ You have a good heart, Your Life will be Blessed!!! God Loves the Poor and Broken in Spirit!!! You have Touched my Heart Today!

      • This mess has been a nightmare I am out of work on disability receive blood transfusions due to severe anemia and other health issues. Havent been able to get all my meds begging food from giveaways at churches I dont get food stamps just got my elec postponed cutoff would have been tomorrow they gave me till 10/14 to pay $70.36 past due and 135.14 by 10/22.. on 10/14 lights will get cut off no money till 28th no food either. Recently lost husband of 39 yrs suddenly unexpectedly and no insurance. After that father and uncle both died days apart in Philadelphia I haven’t been able to go not even to funeral. In the meantime I have water bill due phone bill too I managed 2pay house and car insurance and a few others but I’m destite. Luckily home almost od for so not on street. I worked my entire life from aga 13 till recently age 60 went on disability. Then did ok till husband died. I desperately need help and have nobody. Live in rural area in texas central air went out plumbing septic issues car problems no good insalation winter coming running out of options . Hope government sends out stimulus help soon or I will just drop from nervous breakdown then wont need.

    • What a shame they know people are hurting we should all not file our taxes 2020 they won’t send money we won’t pay for the 176000 senators salary trump gets 500tho

      • Seriously this is wrong halting stimulus and unemployment
        American people are suffering while they have brunch drink cocktails and live it up while Americans are suffering worrying and struggling to get by. Wearing mask avoiding friends family withering away
        Our president should be in clear view of how fucked yo he has let this become

      • I never realized how messed up America was. I was taught to respect these people who are making fools of us practically spitting in our faces behaving like little children in a playground fighting over the last ice cream cone or the only chair when there is their elder in front of them they should clearly get up move and have respect and let them have the seat. Just like these babies in house making so called decisions lmao no they are not they are stalling soaking it up enjoying cocktails and brunch. They have no regard for their fellow Americans let alone their fellow Americans nearly scrapping by. It is a disgrace for all the hard work our founding fathers have put towards it. They are crushing it down in a matter of selfish disposable seconds.

    • They passed rent relief. And food stamps are max benefits right now – call you social services office and apply hun! Our tax dollars pay for it!!!

    • The. Government only cares about themselves that’s why I don’t vote they all have money and food they don’t go hungry GOD bless those that do.

      • If u voted, it might change. For everyone who thinks that way, just makes it impossible or at least harder to vote the right people in to office..

      • Your right. They don’t care about low income, or anyone. They have a job, roof over their heads, food, etc. I get 356 a month in food stamps. The way the prices are going up on everything that last about 2 weeks. I was caring for my dad who recently passed away. So I wasn’t working. Now I’m forced to leave by January. I have no income and my electric bill is 1500, and water is 300. Its expensive to live in Nj. I can’t seem to get help. Being denied.

  • I believe its important to fund this relief im a donater who helps an avg of 400 humans and seeing the great need for assistance in all these folks makes me see why we need the funding to exist. There are many going hungry and barely meeting a one meal aday its sad we live in america a land of free and these times are existing.

    • Letty,
      I would like to thank you for your kind heart. I, for the grace of God, am not homeless or hungry at this point. Many are, and they are for the first time. Many more people sit in judgment and love to label these people “loosers, drug attics,
      lazy,ect..” Anyway it was nice and refreshing to hear them called humans instead of the usual animal like tags they’re givin.
      Thank you. Brightened my day alittlebit.

    • By now we need more than $1200 dollars .but it would b great to get that. I only can eat one meal a day
      This is America stop holding the hostages.

  • Yea lets take away all the house and senateq pay for 3 months see how they survive with out a promise of another job. Kts not easy. And I made more last year only because i put in a lot of over time. So my income went down 135000 this year. Not fair.

    • Your income went down $135,000 from last year and you think that isnt fair? My husband works 50 sometimes 60 hrs a week and doesnt even make $100K and you say its not fair…give me a break!

    • Try living on less than $10.000 a year, then you can complain and say it isn’t fair. You should be happy your getting as much as you are. I am 64 and disabled and I have to choose between eating more than 1 meat a day or being able to buy the medication’s I need to stay alive. Make America Great, Dump trump.

  • I’m not one to judge ..However it’s been a struggle just to live… we’re always help other country’s..but when it comes to us other’s have no compassion for us..They don’t seem to worry being there still making a pay check.. They vacation and break alot ! Compaction would go a long way…. When will we come first….
    We didn’t ask for this…HELP US WE SHOULD BE 1ST …

  • This is bull. American people are hurting. Have trump do another execute order. Stop congress from collecting a paycheck and within 48 hours something would be done. Nit picking over 600 or 400 a week in unemployment. People need help now

  • Let’s start like this stop playing politic and let gets something pass cause you can pass all food you want for people cause of people lose home your going to need more then good for them people but all rich people don’t think like that all you people in house all no good none of you

  • People are hungry and suffering NOW. People are about to lose their homes and have their utilities disconnected NOW. They all get a paycheck and go home to a nice meal every night. Nobody involved with this stimulus bill loses sleep on how they’re going to feed their kids or pay for utilities. Stop being selfish and not picking everything with the taxes WE PAY and help the American people NOW!

  • If we don’t do anything else send out food and shelter to these people, everyone needs to stop voting for Democrats and Republicans and see where that ends up. Because on both sides there’s dishonesty. They are not being affected,there comfort zone is secured, what if we go on vacation from voting?

  • I am a 54 yr. old woman raising 3 of my teenager grandchildren and i was working a fulltime job supporting them. Now my income has dropped to 640.00 mo. And my Rent is 950.00 mo. adding the difference frim my savings and its getting very low. My light bill was 303 for 1 mo. But now on a budget bill that helped a lot. But we need help out here the Government is playing with our life and our children life. Its a Politic Game the Republicans and the Democrats have Money So there not worrying about how to to keep a roof or food on there family table like us. WE THE PPL NEED OUR GOVERNMENT I THOUGHT WE WAS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

  • I for one certainly appreciate what President Trump and other people in the White House did for all of us when they gave us the Stimulus check it help out alot but things like food and gas and medicine and rent -utilities are so high that it ridiculous you can’t pay for them and live even half way decent anymore but you want get me to say all the bad things some people are saying I only hope and pray President Trump will be re-elected I believe in God and I believe he will be because God doesn’t want his earth to be socialisim and communism ran God Bless American President Trump

  • I don’t understand why their not coming to any agreements with another stimulus package. When clearly alot are homeless, starving, job loss and many other issues. Americans that have worked hard and now we are in need seems we can’t get help when needed

  • The average pay for our congress and senate is around 10 000 a month to repersent us and we cannot get 1200 to eat on for 6months since the last stlmes in march.they should not be given a dime until us starving americans be given help with some our own tax them all out

  • I’m on Social Security Disability and can’t work, and when they said they were going to be another round of Stimulus money for the people, what happened to it, and when the President got Covid and they were working on getting us the money, then the President steps up and said he was going to stop it until after the election, but if he loses the election then it wouldn’t be anyone’s fault but his own, because of his lack of judgment!!

    • Yes that’s doesn’t he realize that decision may be his own undoing. He may reap exactly what he sowed or in this case what he didnt sow. He’s his own worst enemy! #helpthepeople

  • I’m a senior citizen, out of work, no income. We set and watch our government fight back and fourth with no compassion for the American citizen. They all need held responsible especially Nancy pelosi

  • Okay, let’s pretend everything is good. We’ll see how many incumbents are tossed out on their asses. Both parties are culpable, but Pelosi is the head criminal. Mr. President, if you want to win the election, you better sign an executive order or you’ll be out too.

  • Neither the republicans or the democrats really give a damn about the working American people. Except for our vote. I get $610. A month in social security. That’s not craps these days. Luckily in still able to work and so does my husband. So were not hurting like some are. But bill with mortgage,Car payment. Etc adds up. There no extra money for a movie or a burger at burger king. And don’t just blame trump. Cause Biden or Obama don’t give a craps about us either

  • I can say as a mother and wife you always need enough on table to eat God made this world but the hands in others to save us so as we grow we all need to remember we need each other to get threw this hard time always

  • Theres a lot of americans that need help but i myself make 500$ a week on an egg farm and provide for 6 people…yes the extra would be great but i kno several people getting 1000s of dollars in food stamps and drawing 400 to 600$ for unemployment and ain’t never worked and its not right to those who need the help..and then theres some that need it and can’t get it..and theres some that ain’t gonna get off there butt and get a job as long as they can stay home and get paid too..shooot they make as much if not more than what I do and I work 7 days a week…wake up people get off yr butt and go to work..stop waiting on the government to take care of you..i pray those of you needing the help get it soon

  • Well it’s been that way ever time the Republican gets in office the middle class and the poor do with out. They don’t care and keep getting vote back in to Congress by their state’s. Thump Twitter last night that he wasn’t giving out any money until after the election but the stock fall so bad that someone told not hold back the stimulus checks over ours head if we did vote for him. Nothing but a gangster and crooks try to force people’s to keep him in office for what he not doing a dam thing in office

  • There are millions of American families struggling now and we’re way before covid-19. Where’s congress, at home? On a break or Vacay in the tropics? Now we have to wait till after election? WHY?????? AMERICA NEEDS HELP NOW NOW NOW

  • Please pass the stimulas checks , and most of all please pass the Hazzard pay for the people’s who rist their lives everyday, fire fighters, hospital, grocery store workers, l haven’t heard no one talk about these important people at all, they need to be conversated for risking their life and still doing it, will y’all put that in the stimulas bill too, they life means more than a thank you , give them money and I mean direct deposit, they deserve that please and thank you!

  • It is sad that we can’t get the help I live from month to month its hard getting by we our children need it this is very serious here and other country why do we have to suffer these children are hungry the eldry is suffering we need the stimulate package.

  • We the people are who pays your salary. DO your job and pass the 2nd stimulas . You just got back from vacation ! Must be nice . Did you get to eat to? Their are children who sure would have liked a PB&J sandwhich while you were away! No food and next week maybe no home . Like everyone else WE need money too,( but not for vacations!!!) I hope everyone remembers these things on voting day!!!!!

  • Yes the people who can pass the bill for the checks please help us all I get 800 to live on and im disabled im really sick and need the money , if you had to live on this little bit of money they would not make it ! Sign that bill!

  • It’s been over 4 mos. All the businesses received help within days, congress takes their recesses, drag their feet to help the people, why? Because they are still getting paid, so us lower class that live paycheck to paycheck aren’t important to them. As we become homeless, starving or lose all we have they sit back and take their time helping any of us. It looks as if they want to control us, so much for our free country!!!

  • PEOPLE DRYING, HURTING and CHILDREN are HUNGRY and it is not only from CORONAVIRUS, PEOPLE are KILLING THEMSELVES and their FAMILIES from the PRESSURE of not KNOWING where the next DOLLAR is coming from to HELP THEM ,In my LIFE time I thought I would NEVER see this but I GUESS I was wrong my MOTHER was right when she told me that the DAYS to come will be WORST but I said this to SHALL PAST because the GOD I know have NEVER FORSAKE HIS CHILDREN

  • I haven’t got one stimulus check i get 623 a month but i need food and help but i don’t have a car any way to get around i have 3 grand children and have 12 great grand baby i try my best to help best way i can i am old women with the good lord i am still here i wish people can help one other god know i do i try

  • My response it to JENNIFER who makes $500 on a egg farm weekly and says if we can work get off our butts and work. I am fully capable of working, BUT what about my 3 children who are 8 (twins) and 5 and do virtual learning from home? Am I supposed to leave them home by themselves? Before you comment about get off your butt and work, think about ALL SITUATIONS before opening your mouth. I had to stop working due to at home virtual learning, which I have NO CHOICE IN THE MATTER BECAUSE OF MY CHILDRENS SCHOOL DISTRICT IS ONLY OFFERING VIRTUAL LEARNING. And noone at this point is getting the $400 FEMA UNEMPLOYMENT OR ANY EXTRA $600. I pray that another package is out together soon, especially for those losing everything they have and starving.

  • Nancy Pelosi needs to pack up her ego and do the job the American people pay her to do. Look at her district of homelessness before covid. She could care less. She needs to be impeached. Negotiate and put your selfish ego away….people are suffering and it is on your shoulders….not the President!

  • We need the money and food bad. You give us $1200 that’s fine, but I am on disiblity and my husband only get $14. That takes care of his med.we need the money bad.

  • Its sad the rich throws away food when mother’s an kids are eating out of garbage cans drink any thing out or the can most business will not let them in to use the bathroom so our city smells very bad we have so many. Many places in Georgia for the homeless for women an kids the health care system is so bad grady will not see u unless u going to die so leys vote all the elderly out put young ppl to work amen trump an the white house is praying to win god is incontrol trump do not wake anyone up so why would u kill kid’s. For him watch god show up an show out

  • Get your heads out of your butts and send the damb checks people need to have meals on their tables roofs over they’re heads I cannot live on $803.00 per month on my social security I quit taking all 15 of my medications all together because I don’t give a shit if I die at least my husband can live off my benefits its better for 1 to try to live then 3 and 3 grandchildren so this is why there’s so many suicides out here in this damb world who cares I don’t anymore you can’t wait until after your election once people start hearing this you will NEVER BE ELECTED I can promise you that Mr Trump.

  • Exactly!!! Just like the first stimulas check they gave us, we were so behind on bills,notes,help, that it barely covered it. Now, 1200 will not even catch us up on our debts to be able to start fresh. One thing I dont agree on is people say our president dont care bout us!! I disagree. It was his idea to shower us the first check. And hard down fight for a 2lnd one!! Its the Democrats and house who dont agree on it. That bull! They are so selfish, I’m 59 on ssi and get only 749 a month. 480 for rent and other utilities. I get 117 foodstamps. My whole family is dead. I am so alone in this uncaring world. How is it ok to no we cant make it and not bother u?? God has kept me alive for a reason,I wish I new. God bless our poor old people

  • Hello my name is Alexis Curtis and I’m a single mother of four I’m unemployed I have nothing and I don’t no what to do I’m about to lose my home I can’t pay the rent I’m back 4000 dollars I been struggling for months I applied for help only to be told it’s a waiting list gets stamps but because I get 189 in unemployment they were cut I been going to pantry just to survive my wifi and utilities are about to get cut off I need some help real help serious help I don’t know what else to turn me please help me

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