June 15, 2018

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WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump today announced that his administration will impose 25 percent tariffs on Chinese technology imports to the tune of $50 billion. The first round of tariffs, worth $34 billion, are set to take effect on July 6.

National Farmers Union, a family farm organization in support of strong trade enforcement, called on the administration to work with Congress to ensure family farmers do not bear the brunt of retaliation that is sure to follow the tariff actions. Secretary Perdue should work with congressional leadership and agriculture committees to craft a farm bill that protects against market volatility and severe price swings, according to NFU President Roger Johnson.

Johnson issued the following statement:

“Farmers Union fully supports strong trade enforcement to achieve fair and balanced trade markets. We also support the administration’s goal of reducing the enormous U.S. trade deficit. But our organization grows increasingly concerned that this administration does not have a plan to ensure family farmers and ranchers aren’t thrown under the bus for the sake of these goals.

“None of the trade market disruption occurring presently should be looked at in isolation. The administration must work with Congress to develop a comprehensive solution to ensure family farmers can continue to provide for the nation. Fortunately, the current farm bill drafts moving through Congress present an opportunity for the administration to do just that. And the current programs within the farm bill, if provided adequate resources, could provide a strong safety net.

“Farmers Union strongly urges the administration to move swiftly to put in place measures that ensure farmers and ranchers can survive the current slump in the farm economy and volatility in international trade markets that is sure to follow the imposition of new tariffs.”


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