By Tom Driscoll, NFU Director of Conservation Policy and Education

USDA’s report Climate Change and Agriculture in the United States: Effects and Adaptation states that “Climate change presents an unprecedented challenge to the adaptive capacity of U.S. agriculture. Current climate change effects are increasing the complexity and uncertainty of agricultural management.” NFU’s blog has highlighted many of the challenges to productivity farmers are facing because of climate change. To protect food security, farmers must address these challenges by taking “actions that may increase the capacity of the agricultural system to minimize the effects of climate change on productivity.”

Farms of all sizes, regardless of the product produced, should start adapting, or prepare to adapt, to climate change. Successful adaptation is important to rural communities as well as global food security, since failure to successfully adapt could lead to farmland consolidation.

Have you adapted to climate change on your farm? Tell us why or why not, and how, in the comments below. Make sure to visit NFU’s blog and USDA’s regional Vulnerability Assessments for ideas on how your operation can adapt to thrive as climate change-related challenges increase.

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