October 28, 2015

Contact: Andrew Jerome, 202-314-3106
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WASHINGTON (October 28, 2015) – National Farmers Union (NFU) President Roger Johnson applauded Congress’s completion of an extension for the implementation of Positive Train Control (PTC), ensuring American family farmers, ranchers, and all those that rely on rail will not experience interrupted service.  The revision was contained within MAP-21 extension.

“The entire country relies on freight rail to ensure delivery of everything from chlorine for drinking water to anhydrous ammonia for fertilizer,” said Johnson.  “It has been clear for a while that the deadline was unreachable and could have done serious damage to the nation’s economy if not dealt with.”

Johnson noted that NFU has been working for the past two months with a wide swath of industry coalitions including the American Chemistry Council and The Fertilizer Institute to educate Congress on the severe impacts a broad rail service disruption would have on the U.S. economy.

“Congress’s actions today were a responsible, bipartisan solution to months of intense negotiations,” said Johnson. “Each side of the debate had legitimate concerns that we now must work together to address for the benefit of American consumers and producers.  We stand ready to work with Congress to ensure the timely implementation of PTC technology.”

National Farmers Union has been working since 1902 to protect and enhance the economic well-being and quality of life for family farmers, ranchers and rural communities through advocating grassroots-driven policy positions adopted by its membership.


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