December 3-6, 2018


NFU’s Growing for the Future is a unique online, interactive virtual conference focused on beginning farmer and rancher issues.

The free, four-day event includes farmer-to-farmer webinars, live Q&A sessions, a discussion board, an online resource center, and free giveaways. The theme of this year’s conference is cooperatives, and it will cover a variety of topics including cooperative development, drought management, conservation, technology, food safety, and more! All materials will be available to registrants through February 3, 2019.

If you are registered, you may login to the conference portal here:

2018 Conference Programming

Lexi Clark, Field to Market:
Documenting & Demonstrating Sustainability


Vincent Kimura, Smart Yields:
Using Technology and Big Data to Grow More Ag Entrepreneurs


Hugh Aljoe, Noble Research Institute:
Drought Management


Margaret Bau, USDA Rural Development:
Cooperatives as a Tool to Support Your Goal


Bill Stevenson, RMFU Cooperative Development Center:
What Does a Sustainable Co-op Look Like and How Does It Get There?
Tim Velde, Minnesota Farmers Union:
Cooperatives 101


Gary Matteson, Farm Credit:
Business Basics for Beginning Farmers


Patty Edelburg, National Farmers Union:
The Challenges & Opportunities of Starting a First Generation Dairy Farm


Cesar Rodriguez, Florida Growers:
An Auditor’s Perspective: FSMA and Organic Certification


Michael O’Gorman, Farmer Veteran Coalition:
An In-Depth Look into Vegetable Production
Chad Ellis, Noble Research Institute:
Advancing Ecosystem Service Markets for Farmer and Public Benefits

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