Rebecca Sheahan is a first-generation farmer and third generation educator. She currently raises registered Pygmy goats, as well as heritage and show pigs on her farm, Honeysuckle Acres, LLC., in Clayton, Delaware. She also cares for a small flock of laying hens and sells eggs and retail/wholesale pork. Rebecca’s passion for agriculture has been lifelong and with the help of her high school Agriscience teachers, she began her own small livestock production. After years of leasing and borrowing land for just a handful of animals, Rebecca finally bought her own small farm in 2014, in order to grow and fine-tune her work. Rebecca not only raises livestock but also teaches Animal Science at Thomas McKean High School in Wilmington, Delaware. The majority of her students come from low-income, inner-city families and have no previous exposure to agriculture. She utilizes hands-on learning through a combination of her school barn and home farm to spark a love of Agriculture in her over 230 students each year.