Every Farmers Union office at the local, county, state or national level is critical to the success of the organization.  As an officer of Farmers Union, you have the responsibility of representing a farm organization that has been instrumental in positively impacting the lives of farmers and ranchers and rural America. Below are some roles and responsibilities each and every officer must carry out. All officers should: 

  • Attend division meetings. 
  • Be responsible for the recruitment and retention of members. This is the primary role for all officers. 
  • Assist in planning and developing programs and special activities for the division. 
  • Patronize local cooperatives and promote patronage to all other members. 
  • Support other officers. 

You can learn more about the election and selection of Farmers Union officers in the: Farmers Union President and State & Local Leadership Manual (PDF). 


There is a wide variety of roles for officers, including: 


Being a motivator--someone who challenges and encourages the other members of the organization to play an active role in the organization--is probably the most important responsibility of the person who holds the presidency of the division. You can learn more about the position, here: President Guide

Vice President  

The tasks assigned to Farmers Union Vice Presidents vary greatly from division to division. In some divisions, they chair all special committees and may serve as the division’s Legislative or Publicity Directors. In other cases, they also may lead membership drives or take on other responsibilities that fit their various talents. You can learn more about the position, here: Vice President Guide


This officer is often in charge of the handling of membership records and membership dues. You can learn more about the position, here: Secretary/Treasurer Guide

Cooperative Director 

The Cooperative Director works diligently to foster and nurture the relationships between local cooperatives and the Farmers Union. You can learn more about the position, here: Cooperative Director Guide

Education Director  

This person is charged with training our children in the Farmers Union way and is responsible for the educational needs of both mid-career farming professionals and early career farming professionals. You can learn more about the position, here: Education Director Guide

Legislative Director  

The person serving as Legislative Director is both the first and last link in a chain forged to have an impact on the legislative and regulatory process. The Legislative Director can relay the concerns members have about how government is affecting their lives to those in office who make such decisions. Likewise, the Legislative Director can keep members informed about how government is responding to their concerns. You can learn more about the position, here: Legislative Director Guide

Membership Director 

The Farmers Union division Membership Director serves as the coordinator and cheerleader for the organization's efforts to recruit new members as well as to service and retain its current members so they will stay involved. You can learn more about the position, here: Membership Director Guide

Program Director 

The main job of the Program Director is to take the lead in making the meetings of the Farmers Union division interesting, educational and entertaining, and to encourage the maximum participation of member families. You can learn more about the position, here: Program Director Guide

Public Relations Director 

The Public Relations Director is responsible for news releases, publicizing regular and special activities of the Farmers Union division, and persuading both members and non-members in attending meetings and joining Farmers Union. You can learn more about the position, here: Public Relations Director Guide

For more support on the various ways you can be successful in these roles, please visit the Managing a Farmers Union Division page.