Tell President Trump to Stand Up for RFS, American-grown Biofuels & Family Farmers

The White House is meeting with oil and biofuel companies on Monday to end a debate between the two industries about the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). The outcome of the meeting has some serious ramifications for biofuel production in the U.S., which is a tremendous economic boon for farmers and rural communities. President Trump must stand up for the RFS, homegrown biofuels, and family farmers!

One proposal being floated by oil company representatives would put a cap on prices for Renewable Identification Numbers, or RINs, which are required to comply with the RFS. This would lead to less biofuel being produced for our transportation sector, meaning a smaller market for farmers to sell their crops. Farmers are already dealing with a severely depressed farm economy. To make that worse by cutting off important markets is unacceptable.

Please consider calling President Trump this weekend and letting him know he needs to reject a cap on RIN prices! Call him at 202-456-1111 before Monday!

Sample Script


My name is __________, and I am from _______. I’m calling because I’d like President Trump to stand up for farmers by supporting the RFS and biofuels. Farm prices are half of what they were just four years ago. We need to expand markets for our crops, not limit them. The oil industry is proposing to do just that by capping prices for RINs. Please reject this proposal and consider solutions that expand markets for American farmers. Thank you.