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Celebrating 80 Years of All-States Camp

While we count down to the kickoff of the 80th Annual National Farmers Union All-States Camp, take a moment to read some memorable stories about how impactful All-States camp has been from some of our past All-States campers.
Check back each week through June 21st for more stories from our campers!

NFU Stands For...

Renewing the RFS

The Renewable Fuel Standard has been a boon to the U.S. economy, projected to add more than $1.7 trillion to our Gross Domestic Product between 2008 and 2022.


COOL mandates that muscle cuts of meat and some vegetables, nuts and fruits sold at retail must contain a label informing consumers about the country where the product was sourced.

FAIR Trade Policies

All future U.S. trade agreements should have a specific goal of reducing the U.S. trade deficit and balancing trade inflows and outflows, not just increasing total trade flows.

The Farmer's Share Of The Retail Dollar

Did you know that farmers and ranchers receive only 17.4* cents of every food dollar that consumers spend on food at home and away from home? According to USDA, off farm costs including marketing, processing, wholesaling, distribution and retailing account for more than 80 cents of every food dollar spent in the United States. (Click here for a PDF version.)

Retail: $0.89
Farmer: $0.06
Retail: $3.89
Farmer: $0.42
Retail: $2.50
Farmer: $0.16
Retail: $3.89
Farmer: $1.35

We Are NFU

National Farmers Union believes that good opportunities in production agriculture are the foundation of strong farm and ranch families, and strong farm and ranch families are the basis for thriving rural communities. Vibrant rural communities, in turn, are vital to the health, security and economic well-being of our entire national economy.
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We stand for family agriculture

We are a grassroots, producer-driven organization that believes strong family agriculture is the basis for thriving rural communities.

We listen to you

The key to our success and credibility has been Farmers Union’s grassroots structure in which policy positions are initiated locally. Whether the issue is food safety, dairy, specialty crops, trade or any other item facing America’s family farmers – NFU listens to its members.

We get results

NFU is a powerful and respected voice on critical issues on the national and state levels. Our state and national leaders and staff understand the critical issues facing rural America and family agriculture. We represent YOUR voice to elected officials.