Donn Teske
Vice President

Donn Teske is a fifth-generation Kansas cattlemen who resides on the land homesteaded by his family when they came to Kansas in a covered wagon after the Civil War. His deep roots in farming and concern for the environment has motivated Donn to become heavily involved in legislative policy issues, which is why he currently serves as president of Kansas Farmers Union and vice president of National Farmers Union. Donn recognizes that American consumers are increasingly concerned about the quality and safety of the food they’re purchasing and feeding their children, and applauded the passage of Country-of-Origin Labeling (COOL), a law mandating that meat products be labeled with their country of origin. “Raising cattle in Kansas has been the main source of income for my family since the late 1860s. Producers happily embraced COOL because we are among the most productive farmers and ranchers in the world, raising the most affordable and safest products on the market. And frankly, we’re proud to see the “Product of the U.S.” label on the things we produce,” he said.