NFU Staff

Meet the advocates for family farmers, ranchers, and fishers.

Roger Johnson


Patty Edelburg

Vice President

Rob Larew

Senior Vice President of Public Policy and Communications

Ethan Whitmore

Vice President of Operations

Martha Van Dale

Director of Finance

Tom Driscoll

Director of NFU Foundation & Conservation Policy

Zack Clark

Director of Government Relations

Abby Ferris

Membership Services Coordinator

Anne Steckel

Biofuels Advisor

Matt Perdue

Government Relations Representative

Andrew Jerome

Communications Director

Aaron Shier

Government Relations Representative

David Thews

Assistant to the President

Chelsea Matzen

FSMA Project Director

Sue Arends

Assistant to the Board of Directors

Hannah Packman

Communications Coordinator

Dave Velde

General Counsel

Alexis Dunnum

Executive Assistant

Janan Lenzy

Information Systems Coordinator

Chris Kircher

Insurance Consultant

Billy Mitchell

FSMA Training Coordinator

Emma Lindberg

Education Coordinator