Sarah Stenuf is a brand-new farmer. She grew up in Syracuse, NY with very little gardening experience, but came to agriculture and farming for the therapeutic reaction. Sarah served 4 years and 1 deployment to Afghanistan in the US Army as an Apache crew chief, prior to being medically retired for epilepsy from a traumatic brain injury and combat post-traumatic stress disorder. After years of feeling suffering from post-service issues, Sarah found hope and passion again through DirtTherapy and connecting with nature. Sarah founded Veteran’s Ananda a non-profit homestead and retreat that will utilize traditional and non-traditional treatments and therapies too. She is also the owner of Ananda Farms which recently was approved a DEA license to cultivate hemp in New York. This year she is focusing on the various cover crops and making the soil prime from the top, down. Sarah intends to do a no-mow, no-till approach to organic farming that incorporates multi grazing and creating a super fertilizer.