Patrick O’Neill produces specialty cover crops for seed, focusing on cultivars of crops adapted to the cropping & livestock systems in which he works. Farmers and ranchers hire him to advise them on management decisions ranging from soil chemical and microbial balances, soil fertility & tilth, plant nutrition, grazing planning, cover crop mix design, seed- and soil-inoculant selection, agricultural pest prevention and management, pollinator and predatory insect habitat development, compost, compost extract, and compost tea utilization, and irrigation water management, and economic enterprise analysis. Patrick utilizes a holistic approach to build both capacity and resilience within farm and ranch management teams and within their land.

For 12 years Patrick O’Neill has worked as a crop & soil adviser with diverse cropping and livestock operations, based in the San Luis Valley of Colorado. Patrick also served as a Franciscan Mission Service lay missioner in Brazil for 3 years, working as an agronomist with farmers possessing limited land and economic resources. Areas of emphasis during his service in Brazil included project development and training in community food security and sovereignty, seed production, soil conservation and fertility management, and biological pest control. Patrick also worked as coordinator of a community supported agriculture program on a mixed organic vegetable farm, and as a farmhand on his parents’ homestead vineyard, both in California.