Mary Jo Borchardt is a Farmer Florist with her husband Andrew and their children at Five Green Acres in Poynette, WI.  Five Green Acres is a holistic homestead-size farm seeking to integrate careful rotation of pastured livestock with their cut flower operation to rejuvenate the soil and foster breathtaking blooms that are are a feast for the senses and the stars of her floral design business. They currently keep a family Jersey cow, heritage breed pigs, a fiber flock of sheep, and various fowl and poultry in tandem with a growing collection of annual, perennial, and woody ornamental flowers and foliage.  Mary Jo graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art from the University of Wisconsin and finds the palette of flowers, seeds, and soil to be the most satisfying yet.  She and Andrew are resurrecting the farming traditions last held in their respective families three generations ago.