New England Farmers Union


176 Ave. A., Suite 2
Turner Falls, MA 01376
Tel: (413) 863-5199
Fax: (413) 863-5287


Connecticut • Maine
New Hampshire
Rhode Island • Vermont

Board of Directors

President: Roger Noonan
Vice President: Erbin Crowell
Secretary: Nathan L’Etoile
Treasurer: Beth Hodge
Board Member: Tess Brown-Lavoie
Board Member: Arthur Carroll
Board Member: Margaret Hathaway
Board Member: Mary Castonguay
Director of Operations: Erika Olson
Membership Director: Emma Sabella
Policy Consultant: Ned Porter

Membership Levels


Student: 1-Year $25 Join/Renew
Friend of a farmer/fisherman: 1-Year $35 Join/Renew
Additional support levels: $100, $200, or $500

Businesses and Organizations:

Farm or fishery: 1-Year $75 Join/Renew
Non-farm business: 1-Year $150 Join/Renew
Membership or trade organization: 1-Year $150 Join/Renew
Other nonprofit: 1-Year $150 Join/Renew
Additional support levels: $200 or $500

Affiliate Membership or Corporate Sponsorship: If you are interested in learning about these options, please email

All membership terms are one year. Visit for more information about New England Farmers Union.
Thank you for your support of New England Farmers Union!