Tell Your Senator to Vote NO on the Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA)

After weeks of working in secret, Senate leadership has revealed the BCRA, a companion bill to the House’s AHCA. Now – because of overwhelming opposition from groups like NFU and a projection from the nonpartisan CBO that the bill would leave 22 million people without insurance – Senate Republicans have chosen to delay a vote on the health care overhaul bill until after the July 4th recess. Now is the opportunity to make your voice heard on the legislation, which would have devastating consequences for farmers, ranchers, and rural communities. Please call your Senators today and ask them to vote no on the BCRA.

Be sure to take action before a potential vote as early as July 10.

What would the BCRA do?

The Better Care Reconciliation Act leaves farmers, ranchers and rural Americans behind. Instead of fixing the problems that many face in accessing health coverage, the bill only makes matters worse. The bill would:

  • Cause 22 million Americans to lose their health coverage by 2026.
  • Increase health insurance premiums by 20% in 2018.
  • Cap Medicaid, disproportionately impacting rural America where the enrollment is higher than in urban areas.
  • Institute an age tax, allowing insurance companies to charge older customers five times more than younger customers.
  • Cut tax credits and eliminates premium subsidies, making health care costs unaffordable for lower income farmers and ranchers.
  • Drive insurers out of the rural marketplace, leaving many farmers and ranchers with no options for non-group coverage.
  • Allow states to opt out requirements to cover essential health benefits like mental health services, maternity care, and prescription drug coverage.
  • Institute annual and lifetime limits, cutting support for less healthy individuals when they need it most.

  • How can you make your voice heard?

  • Send emails to your Senators asking them to oppose the bill. A draft letter can be found here.
  • Call your Senators and tell them to vote NO on the legislation. You can reach your Senators’ Washington, D.C. offices by calling the Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121.
  • Attend town hall events in your state to let your Senators know how the BRCA would hurt you. A list of town hall meetings happening around the country can be found here.
  • Post on social media

    Commonly Used Hashtags

    There are several hashtags being used by various organizations to promote continued access to health care including some of the following:








    Tag Your Member of Congress

    No one has more influence over a Senator than someone who lives in their states. When posting about your opposition to the BRCA, please be sure to tag your Representatives and Senators. C-SPAN has compiled a list of Twitter handles for members of Congress.

    Example Tweets to Share

    #BCRA would cause 22 million Americans to lose their health coverage by 2026 #unacceptable #ProtectOurCare

    #BCRA would cap #Medicaid disproportionately impacting rural America where the enrollment is higher #ProtectOurCare

    #BCRA would create an age tax, allowing insurance companies to charge older customers 5xs more than younger customers #unacceptable #ProtectOurCare

    #BCRA would cut tax credits & eliminate subsidies making coverage unaffordable for lower income farmers and ranchers #unacceptable #ProtectOurCare

    #BCRA would drive insurers out of the rural marketplace leaving farmers and ranchers with no coverage options #unacceptable #ProtectOurCare

    #BCRA would allow states to opt out of requirements to cover essential benefits meaning less coverage for more money #unacceptable #ProtectOurCare

    #BCRA would create annual and lifetime coverage limits cutting support for patients when they need it most #unacceptable #ProtectOurCare

    I support access to affordable coverage and care for everyone #ProtectOurCare

    Tell your Senator to vote NO on #BCRA. Its impact on rural healthcare would be devastating. #ProtectOurCare

    The proposed cuts to #Medicaid under #BCRA will harm the nation’s poorest and sickest populations. #ProtectOurCare

    The cuts to #Medicaid will harm the nation’s most vulnerable #ProtectOurCare

    The #BCRA will cause millions of Americans will lose access to health insurance #unacceptable #ProtectOurCare

    Millions of Americans may lose access 2 health insurance under #BCRA. That is unacceptable. #ProtectOurCare

    We want access to affordable coverage for everyone #ProtectOurCare

    Please consider taking action now.