Annual Review and Certification of FSMA Exemption

Exempt Farm <$25,000 Average Gross Sales

Under the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), if a farm is exempt (under $25,000 in average annual produce gross sales), the farmer must document their exemption using sales records averaged over the last three years. If actual sales data is unavailable, an estimate should be made.

*Please note that the Price Deflator Index number changes from year-to-year, if you need information on additional years, please visit


Be sure to include documentation to back up your claim for exemption or qualified exemption.
Documentation can take the form of:

  • Sales receipts with date of sale
  • Any other invoices that show where products were sold
  • IRS Schedule F
  • Certification

    I certified that I have conducted an annual review and determined that I am exempt from FSMA compliance.