Caitlain Thompson grew up in a small farming community 20 miles north of Flint, Michigan. Her family had a hobby farm where she raised flying mallards and chickens for most of her childhood. After she graduated high school, she went to the University of Michigan where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science and Planning and a minor in Geographic Information Systems. She has also attended multiple classes at Oregon State University in soil science and agribusiness. It wasn’t until she started working for the United States Department of Agriculture – Natural Resources Conservation Service in 2010 as a Soil Conservationist when she became interested in farming herself.

In 2016, Caitlain started her business The Duck in the Window in Royse City, Texas that sells edible eggs from quail, chicken, duck, and goose. She is interested in expanding her business to include meat production based on customer interests. Currently, she is raising 100 meat quail alongside her 20 egg producers. Her plans are to keep expanding until she can pasture raise chickens for meat.