My name is Cady Schwab, a third generation dairy farmer. I was born and raised on our family dairy in Western New York. Our dairy has been expanding due to internal herd growth, we now milk 130 Holsteins and one Brown Swiss, she was a gift I got for graduating college, where I studied Animal Science-Dairy at Morrisville State College. Since graduating I have been in charge of all the herd work on the farm. I deal with the cows health, reproduction, and daily milking. But I do help with the other daily chores as well as crops & field work.

In the future I would like to be able to use our fresh milk and turn it into value added products and to bottle it for sale right off the farm. I’d also like to work on incorporating renewable energy sources and living more of a sustainable life. Recent events have sparked my interest in learning more about natural healing and alternative medicines. My love for strawberries has pushed me to start gardening; I now have fruits and vegetables growing and would like to spend more time with that. I’m also a ‘crazy dog mom’ of two beautiful Norwegian Elkhounds.