2020 Bruce Miller Award Winner; AJ and Aliene Bristow
Okalahoma Farmers Union

A.J. and Aliene have been very active in Oklahoma Farmers Union, American Farmers and Ranchers ever since coming to Oklahoma. A.J. has served on the local board and county board as board member, and county delegate. A.J. also served as delegate for the National Convention. Aliene has been the Secretary for the County board and served as member for local board for over 20 years. AJ was a field Rep for his district until retiring in 2020. Their dedication to OFU and American Farmers and Ranchers has led them above and beyond their expectations. They have both volunteered and worked at the state level and traveled across states speaking up for the local farmer and rancher. AJ traveled to Washington D.C., where he toured the White House and met with US Secretary of Agriculture, Glickman, Rep. Tom Coburn, and Wes Watkins.

As of today, AJ and Aliene still own a 200 head cattle operation and live in the same home they started the ranch on in 1967. In January 2021, AJ was ran over for the first time in his life, by a cow and Fractured 2 bones in his leg.
They have 2 grown children, A daughter Sandy and Husband Calvin Smith from Blocker. Sandy is a school teacher and Calvin is a Heavy Equipment Operator. A son Darren and wife Cindy from Tulsa. Darren is a Tulsa Police Officer and Cindy is a school teacher. They have 3 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren.
Sandy, Calvin, and their son, Austin work closely with AJ and Aliene on the ranch to keep the operation running smoothly.