September 25, 2015

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WASHINGTON (September 25, 2015) – National Farmers Union (NFU) President Roger Johnson today applauded President Obama for issuing a joint statement with Chinese President Xi Jinping announcing the countries’ goals for an international climate agreement, citing the negative consequences climate change could have for global food security.

“Climate change jeopardizes the security of the global food system,” Johnson said. “NFU applauds the efforts of the Obama administration and President Xi to address this growing risk for American family farmers and ranchers, as well as those who rely on them for sustenance.”

Johnson noted that more frequent extreme weather events and changing access to water threaten farmers’ yields, and have the potential to further consolidate an already concentrated food industry.

“The amount of capital that will be required to cope with these adverse weather impacts threatens the livelihoods of many in family agriculture,” said Johnson. “Many producers will not be able to withstand severe periods of drought or excess wet and cold spells. This, in turn, could worsen the already existing, troubling trends of market consolidation.”

Johnson has expressed support for many actions undertaken by the White House to address climate change. “The United States cannot secure the food system from climate challenges alone. Today’s statement demonstrates the will of the world’s two largest greenhouse gas emitters to work toward a meaningful international agreement in Paris,” said Johnson.

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