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Dairy Crisis
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2014 Farm Bill

The farm bill is an extensive, omnibus piece of legislation that is reauthorized roughly every five years. ‘Farm bill’ is really a misnomer, because although the legislation does contain a number of provisions that are critical to family farmers’, ranchers’, and fruit and vegetable growers’ economic success, more than 75 percent of the bill’s funding is allocated for nutrition assistance for the underprivileged, both in the United States and abroad.

Much of the remaining provisions relate to rural business development, incentives for renewable energy production, and protection of our country’s most precious natural resources. So, above all, the farm bill is really a food, energy and jobs bill, and all consumers, farmers and rural Americans have a responsibility to be engaged in the farm bill debate.

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Farm Bill Implementation:

Farm bill implementation timeline (source:

NFU's 2014 Farm Bill Summary:

Full summary

Crop insurance
Organics, beginning farmers and emerging markets
Nutrition and food aid